Marathon, Texas

3 Mar

These days we don’t play many places in Texas where I have never been. I know the roads to Houston and Dallas and Amarillo pretty well by now. This weekend, though, I landed in a foreign place right here in our own state. It’s West Texas mixed with some New Mexico…lots of adobe and red chile ristras at the glorious Gage Hotel in Marathon where Susan played. They put us up, too…I almost declared I was never leaving except The Gage is all about restoration and calm and peacefulness so there was no cable TV in the rooms. That would be a longterm deal breaker for me. (I am just kidding, it was lovely and restful!)

Outside the hotel room

Outside the Catholic Church

And then the next morning while we were driving away the temperature dropped 40 degrees. I guess winter isn’t over yet, even in South Texas.

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