Mary Chapin Carpenter

24 Oct

How many times have I waxed poetic about this songwriter on this blog? Too many to count, but not enough.

I have seen Mary Chapin in concert exactly 10 times now and last night was the first show I’ve seen her play in a town I actually reside in. Previous to her show last night at the Austin City Limits Moody Theater, the closest to home was her show in Santa Fe when I lived in Albuquerque. Otherwise I have traveled to San Francisco, Denver, and Atlanta to see MCC play. I am a fan.

Mary Chapin Carpenter and John Jennings

It was the last show of her summer tour which was cool. Dan went with me so I got to give him a musical history of my life for a minute. “This was the first song I learned on guitar,” (He Thinks He’ll Keep Her) and “This is how I learned to play harmonics,” (Halley Came to Jackson). Neato. As Dan said, “It’s like going to Mecca with a believer.” Indeed!

I was reminded that I do love to write and I do like to perform, something that I don’t necessarily forget so much as hide sometimes when my other awesome amazing fulfilling projects take precedence over my own. Aside from a good dose of inspiration, I’m feeling the itch to pick up my electric guitar again. All good things, and pretty impressive that one person’s music has remained a mainstay in my life since I picked up a guitar at age 11…17 years ago. Now I feel old. Thank goodness I heard that music keeps you young.

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