May I Adore You

28 Jan

Ok, since Thursdays are my weekend I thought I would try a full on project from start to finish instead of doing 18 little things that don’t really get anything done.  I’ve been wanting to record in Garageband for a while, and it always intimidated me.  Recording geeks are a fun but different breed, and I don’t know what a flange does.

I bought one of those nifty Snowball microphones – it’s USB so you just plug it in.  It gets good sounds for knocking around and having fun.  I also had a couple of personal milestones this week in terms of music, I will share later — but I celebrated by buying a completely frivolous but awesomely fun instrument…a MicroKORG synthesizer.  I like electronica and beats and weird sounds (see Imogen Heap), and I have wanted one for a while.  So I did it.  Thanks, Guitar Center, for sucking me dry.

I video documented of course, but I’m currently trying to make hard drive space to get the footage imported.  Hence, verbal description!

I started about 10 AM with some lyric scratchings, and then I messed with the loops in Garageband.  Techno, Trip Hop, House, Electronia, Trance, gah!  So much.  I got overwhelmed.  I freaked out and got in the car went to the bank to make a deposit to avoid my project.  Then I got home and I picked about 5 beats that might work, and then bailed on that and worked on the words some more.  Then I got sleepy and I took a nap.  Then I finished the words and the chord and picked a beat.  This is finally when I felt this could get done!  It was probably about 3 PM.  🙂

The rest of the evening was spent recording each part.  I added banjo (my favorite part), the synth, and I borrowed the lovely notes of Susan’s pump organ.  I’m not a keyboardist or anything, but I can pick out a scale and such.  That’s what makes recording so fun…I learned that from working with Dan.  You layer things and try several pass-throughs to get the right part.  No pressure, just play!

I think part of what kept me on it was that I TOLD FACEBOOK I was doing this and I wanted it done in a day.  Something about promising in public wouldn’t let me just shove it under the rug and go watch Arrested Development.  Thanks, peer pressure cloud!

Here it is…there’s cute little quirks because like I said — first try.  Hope you like it!

Adore by janapochop

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Robert Pylypiw

February 20th, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Hey JPo… good tune, especially for a first draft. It’s got a nice flow, and lyrics that mean something(!). Well done… keep at it.
. It’s amazing what one person can do in a small digital audio studio these days; the e-tools available now are incredible. I also watched the ‘making of Adore’ video – FUN.
.. YOU are one very creative, multi-media dudette; as you said in another blog post, “Jill of many trades, master of one, which is messing around with more trades”. Awesome!


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