Meandering January

15 Jan

It’s been a great start to the new year…I’m settling into San Marcos life. I like this town because I can walk to the bank, grocery store, and two coffee shops really easily. This is exciting.


Aside from some gig stuff I haven’t done a ton of wandering because I am still settling into my new place, and after reading a lot of Apartment Therapy blog posts and thanks to the kindness of SusanG who hath bestowed light, I have some sweet lighting happening in the new place. Due to window and wall placement my living room is pretty dark, so light even during the day is essential. This warms it right up. This is as decorator-y as you will see me get.

Vintage lightbulb

The first show of the year for Susan was songswapping with Shelley King at Luckenbach, and Shelley and I found ourselves providing the beat via a 6-minute long game of patty cake onstage. We did awesomely, but our palms hurt.

Patty cake at Luckenbach

We also had a grand time at Oma’s Underground in Gruene, which I tell people is like a speakeasy because it’s underground (I think it’s an old cellar) but it’s really obvious where the door is, so it’s probably not a speakeasy. Right.


More good stuff ahead…after I take an 8 hour nap called bedtime.

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January 18th, 2013 at 8:28 am

A belated Happy New Year, Jana! Apparently when your Youtube is lacking content, I can just come here and have a read. Thanks for the words. It’s nice to see your personality reflected in your writing style.

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