Menagerie of Musical Moments

20 Nov

Lots of good music stuffs going on this month…both spectating and participating. First up: HOBRO…an all girl band named HOBRO because we can.

Elizabeth Wills, Christa Hillhouse, Susan Gibson, and moi formed a girl band to play our friend Anna’s benefit out in Wimberley, TX. We played only Susan Gibson songs, so it was kind of like a Susan Gibson cover band featuring Susan Gibson. I got to bring my newish electric guitar out for a spin. Aaaannd…I also Photoshopped us a promo shot:


We didn’t do our hair quite the same…I am standing creepily in the dark.


I played a very fun show with the illustrious Emily Shirley and Katie Lessley at Flipnotics in Austin…we always have fun together.


As a spectator…I had a 90’s nostalgia fit watching Alanis Morissette throw down at Stubb’s. Her new album is great, and her old stuff really holds up. I still remember all the words to Ironic, which impressed me.

Alanis Morissette - Stubb's

Susan played a great show in Fort Smith, Arkansas with Wendy Colonna and Shelley King. They take a good photo, too!

Wendy, Susan, Shelley

Last weekend it was The Rice Festival in Fischer, TX with Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines!

Terri and Lloyd at Rice Fest

Keepin’ it real…go see some music.

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