Money & Heart is Here (Nov Blog 15/30)

15 Nov

Hey hey, it’s my birthday! Seemed like a good excuse to launch a big ol’ piece of art…so here it is…the new single called Money & Heart.

I played a gig out at Tips Concert Series earlier this year, with Susan Gibson and Kelley Mickwee. Mark Addison, producer extraordinaire, co-hosts these shows with Wendy Colonna on the property where his studio is located, in extreme South Austin. (How many names did I just drop good grief).

I played the folk/rap like I always do, and afterwards Mark comes up and says, “Have you recorded this yet?” I replied I had not because it’s kind of a different beast. He said, “Come over, we’ll do it.”

WE DID IT. Working with Mark has been an adventure and a joy. We had Susan come in and play banjo (punk banjo comes in at the end if you listen closely) and then we put a bouzouki in her hands and she made that sing, too (the chimey thing in the chorus? Part bouzouki).

Then, a few weeks ago, I had coffee with my friend Chris Taylor, an amazing singer-songwriter and also a stunning visual artist. He said, “Hey yell if you need anything,” and I said “I NEED ART FOR THIS SONG.” That’s why this looks so cool, because Chris is cool.

Once again it takes a village, and I am excited to get this song out into the world. It’s a little about my journey through music, but it’s a lot about the people who support artists and creativity and music every day. It’s essential, and necessary, and we need to spread the word that every share, every word-of-mouth recommendation, and every sale is keeping something good in our world.

Thank you everyone for coming along.

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