Moving in a Southernly Direction

18 Dec


It’s been a busy month. Things being as they are here in the bustling metropolis of Austin, Texas (Tech Capital of the State), rents get raised every chance an apartment company gets. They gave us the notice that our increase was almost 20%, and my roomie Katie and I decided it was time to split up and conquer living expenses elsewhere.

I am moving to our neighbor to the South, San Marcos, at the end of the month. It will be a slight change of pace for sure…I think there’s only 50,000 people in the town. It’s only 30 minutes to Austin, though, which is a drive that I can do with my eyes closed (Note: DO NOT DRIVE WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED).

This week, however, is one of packing and planning to move. My shelves are getting empty and that awesome van we tour around in is on call to move my stuff (thank you, Susan…real friends help friends move).

Messy Desk

I’ve kept my desk in its normal state as long as possible, because the rest of my space looks like a tornado. Come to think of it my desk looks like a tornado anyway, but it’s a planned one. Empty shelves freak me out so I try and put that off. An ascetic I am not.

Wish me superhuman strength and light furniture…

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