MUNA + Maggie

21 Oct

For someone who waited basically since the start of summer for summer to be over, I am sure behind on updating about any of it. The truth is it was 90 degrees on Sunday, October 20th, so summer really had a hard time leaving us. Maybe she didn’t know where to go. Part of me hopes she’s ok, part of me knows she’ll return sooner than she should. For now…yay hoodie weather.

Let’s just talk about a couple of shows I’ve seen lately…because seeing live music is a must in these weird times. It helps. As I have mentioned before, I especially love seeing pretty loud, pretty full-of-people, pretty colorful pop shows. This is weird because normally I don’t go for loud OR full of people. But…

MUNA played in Dallas a few weeks ago and it felt like destiny to FINALLY see my favorite band in person. They also played in Austin, but I had a Threadgill’s show on the same night, so off to Dallas on a Tuesday night it was. Going to a show by yourself is sort of weird if you are not used to it, mostly in the time between getting in the door and the show starting. But there were other solo MUNA fans there and by the time Chelsea Jade started, it didn’t matter because we all got absorbed into the world of glorious electro-pop and joy.

Chelsea Jade – awesome.

MUNA took the stage with a roar and never once stopped flooding the Deep Ellum Art Company room with energy and love. I’ve been a fan since MUNA’s brilliant About U debut, but the new album, MUNA Saves the World, has quickly become a staple. I highly recommend both. (Find all the streaming / video links here).

I am still on the MUNA high…which lead nicely into seeing Maggie Rogers this weekend at ACL Live in Austin. I went with my ride or die concert buddy, Melinda Ann, who is always a willing participant in an adventure though usually it’s a Taylor Swift show. Since T-Swift isn’t touring right now, we were looking for a good heartfelt pop fix. Maggie delivered in spades.

I know I beat the idea to a pulp on here sometimes, but a reminder…no matter what it is, find the thing that brings you crazy amounts of joy and go to it. It’s not even self care at this point, it’s self preservation. Now go have fun.

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