Music Business Breakthrough Webinar!

25 Mar

Whelp, this will be fun! My friend Bill Small asked if I would go in on this wonderful project with him and I yelled “YAAAASSSSSSS!!!” and then more politely responded “Why yes, I’d love to, thank you for asking.” What are we doing?

Well, you can watch Bill’s very well narrated info video here, but I’ll keep chattering about this webinar anyway.

Note: webinar = seminar+the interwebs!

You all know what I do. Between working with Susan for six (6!!!) years on booking and touring and social media and promotion, and working with Dan at Rubicon Recording on music and business and social media, and working with myself on blogging and Tweeting and Facebooking and Vining and SXSWing and ALL THE THINGS…I have some thoughts about how to do the DIY musician thing. A couple thousand, anyway.

Bill, aside from being a great songwriter, performer, producer, and member of the Mighty Mystiqueros, is also the founder of Creative Artist Coaching. He’s spent years helping people, especially artists, break down a lot of barriers that keep them from doing their thing. I know a thing or two about barriers…writer’s block, fear of success, fear of failure, lack of motivation, feeling stuck…these things seem to be rampant amongst musicians who are small business owners (which, if you are a DIY Musician…you are!)

We’ve joined forces on this webinar and we’ll be taking questions about all of these topics and more on Google Hangouts from 1 – 2 PM Central on Monday, March 31st. Stop in, ask a question or 8, and listen to us chat about whatever comes up.

Registration link is here – that will give you all the info on how to log in on the 31st.

See you there!

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