Music Business Coaching is Happening

8 Apr

This is Gaga working hard for it.

This business is hard. All business is hard, but the music business is hard, especially for the indie DIY type that is trying to make a living while being a good business person and being an artist. Oftentimes this level of artist is doing everything…booking, practicing, writing, promoting, driving, loading in, running sound, getting paid, mapping, changing flat tires, calling radio stations, web designing…ALL OF IT. It’s hard. This is why I have a job working with one very amazing artist helping with all of these things, and how I landed my idea for Social Thinkery so I could work with other artists on these topics as well.

Bill Small and I did a webinar last week, discussing things like booking, having a great website, and getting past your limiting beliefs in your career. We’re going to do a few more free webinars, but they do by fast and it’s hard to cover anything in-depth.

That’s why we are offering a 12 week course where we can meet with folks weekly and really get in-depth with each artist to address their specific needs, wants, and questions. Everything from Social Media Strategy to setting goals to booking yourself to pushing past your self-imposed limits and anything else artists might need. I’ll be working directly with each artist on their online presence, and we’ll take the 12 weeks to build something great.

Bill talks about it all here – take a listen and consider the course. It’s going to be amazing. Here’s the link. Take a look.

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