My Interview with Oprah in 2025

23 Feb

Let me explain. I’m deep in a year-long program with Rubicon Artist Development called Rubicon Gold. It’s for folks like me who want to keep focused on our musical goals and “next level” it. It’s self-paced and guided by my producer and great friend Daniel Barrett. There’s reading, check-ins, goal setting, vision and values assessment, and lots of positive encouragement.

It’s actually changed the entire action plan for my music in the past five months…or at least helped me embrace it. I’ve always been fascinated with commercial music and music business, and I unabashedly love popular music, and now I want to write it. I want to meet people who write it, write with them, write it alone, get cuts, chart things, see my name in the “songwriter” slot of the Grammy nominations, have my songs in the background of your favorite TV shows. Working with Gold and Dan has helped me work this out, and now I’m starting to take steps to do this. I have a trip planned to Los Angeles in April and while I feel a little bit like a freshman on the first day of class, I already have a few things lined up to make this trip a good one, and it’s just the start.

You may also recall that I have blogged about Dan’s book before – The Remembering Process. Dan taught this to me years ago – and I recommend you get the book. The jist is a technique beyond positive visualization to make proactive change happen in your life. Instead of thinking about the future, you actually REMEMBER the outcome you want as if it already happened. It works and it’s FUN.

Dan challenged us Gold program folks to make a video about how the year is working out for us, so I decided to apply The Remembering Process and post my interview with Oprah after my success as a popular songwriter in the year 2025. I know, I haven’t aged a day and neither has O. (She said I can call her “O”). Here it is…as you can see, I’ve had some good stuff happen.

Check out Rubicon Gold here, and Daniel Barrett here!

2 Responses to My Interview with Oprah in 2025



February 23rd, 2015 at 4:15 am

I love you, this is brilliant, can’t wait to see it live!!! 🙂


Merle Pochop

February 23rd, 2015 at 5:14 am

Interesting exercise, I’d like to see it come true, even if Oprah has withdrawn from that activity. Two thought — 1) Lawyers advise never ask a question you don’t know the answer to, similarly, know the answers to the question. 2) Two resources worth reading; “Outliars” a study of what’s required to be a success. Examples include Bill Gates, the Beatles. 2nd one, google up “Stregthsfinders”, it’s a way to get a look at the inner self. Sorry for the length, I liked the interview.

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