New Album!

16 Jul

Dang it’s been a while. I guess that’s normal in these roarin’ 2020’s where everything is blazing by so fast and also crawling still.

The good news is my new record is on the blazing track right now…after tracking my parts this past winter and then sending out files for a pretty incredible roster of guest musicians to add their talents…we’re in the final mixing stages and I am in process on doing artwork and all that magical stuff. Real, tangible progress!

What this all means is…I still don’t know when it’ll come out but I am at the part of the record release phase where I get to FIGURE THAT OUT. I imagine you all will be hearing a new tune or 2 from me in the fall, with a full album release in January. That’s an idea, anyway.

In the meantime…it’s been nice to venture out into the world a little bit more, whilst still maintaining caution and watching the science of all this pandemic stuff carefully. I got my shots (you should too!) and I feel really good about that. Surge, antibodies, surge!

Some highlights of early summer:

A trip to New Mexico for some much needed desert air and Adobe Appreciation Society time.

Working on some new merch ideas…I’ll have handmade art available very soon!

Here’s producer Dan pulling up a mix for some final note-taking…

A car listen is one of the best places to hear everything when you’re sorting through it all.

This about sums up my general state lately. Curious…a little confused…but overall having a good time.

Carry on my folks! More very soon.

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