New Year New Place

3 Jan

Happy New Year from San Marcos, Texas! I drove to Albuquerque for Christmas, drove back and immediately moved out of my South Austin apartment and down to San Marcos. Moved with the help of an army of awesome friends, that is. As I told them, if they hadn’t helped, I would be crying in the parking lot of my old place re-signing a lease just so I wouldn’t have to move anything. I am not a fan of the moving process (who is?)

Unpacking is way more fun, and the neighborhood here in San Marcos is lovely. I haven’t explored a whole lot but having spent quite a bit of time here over the years, I am excited to live in a river town with a lot going on, and only a short drive back up to Austin (and a not-bad drive south to San Antonio!)

I’m slowly making progress and I just got internet hooked up yesterday (THANKGOODNESSIWASSOCUTOFFFROMSOCIETY) so I’m almost fully up and running. The kitchen and the office area are the big things and then…watch out, y’all.


I always do books first because they make a room look less empty. I do not organize my color, as this blog suggested. That’s weird.

Couch 1

Elizabeth donated her old couch the the cause called “Jana Needs Something to Sit On” and Amy and Cheryl have a truck and took it from Fort Worth to San Marcos for me. THIS TOOK A VILLAGE, people. But not the Village People. Everyone wore clothes and no one danced while moving.

Couch 2

Here it is in the new habitat. It’s the most comfy thing ever.

Gerald in a Terrarium

Gerald and his terrarium survived the move thanks to gentle handling. He’s enjoying his window.

Here’s to new starts for everyone…2013 is already good.

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