Night Time In a Civil War Town

26 Apr

So one of the many fun things about traveling with dogs is that they have to be walked and that happens after all gigs. Last Monday was played in Savannah, and while sometimes I defer to the motel room and flip through cable after a long day, sometimes I venture out with Susan and the dogs and see the sights. We were especially fortunate because the gig was in downtown Savannah, and we found good parking, and it was perfect weather.

Parker's Market

First things first, I needed a restroom stop and we looked for a convenience store. Turns out we found the fanciest convenience store ever called Parker’s…it had the usual rows of beverages and donuts and magazines…but it had what can best be described as shelves of yuppie food. And the coolest bathroom hand dryer I have ever seen. It’s the little things I am impressed by.

Then we set to walking around old Savannah, full of impressive old houses and Civil War (and before) history. The downtown is arranged around tons of squares, which are usually parks, and you can Google the park name and see whose house was on the square and things like that. Nerdy fun!

Cathedral of St. John

We found the Cathedral of St. John by Googling “double spire gothic cathedral Savannah” because we saw it in the distance but didn’t know what it was. I love Google.

Definitely a town I want to go back to and see more of up close. Then it was on to Auburn, AL.

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