November: A Blog A Day

31 Oct


November is Birthday Month. Scorpio Season. Ideally, when it actually gets cold in Central Texas. It’s always a month of assessment for me, and I realized I have been neglecting this blog lately. I always come back to it, and there was my vlog obsession of 2016 that has tapered off (but is also not dead)…but as a personal log or a thought journal, this spot has languished. Part of it is the internet as a whole — we all out our micro-thoughts on Facebook and Twitter instead, where we get immediate feedback and hearts. Blogs are the dinosaurs of the early 2000’s…but, in a way…the old reliable. I can scroll and watch my life go by here, and that’s kind of hard to do on Facebook sometimes. I can also do it without reading comments from life bystanders, as social media is wont to provide.

So, on this All Hallows Eve…I prepare for a post a day. I’m sure I will learn a lot this month, but I’m not quite sure what yet.

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