November Happened

3 Dec

I am so relieved it’s December, which is not usually a statement I utter. November was such a whirlwind of awesome (see below) and other stuff (flat tires, moving, broken laptop) that surviving it was a feat. Things will calm down in December, though there is plenty to do.

Susan is mixing her live album right now and that comes out in February. I am so excited for it – it sounds amazing and plotting how to promote these things is always a good time. Here we are listening to mixes whilst driving. Road tested, you would say.


Dan is mixing my EP…we might have a close to final mix on one song, more to follow. I’m glad my part is done for the time being. Artwork is on deck next…I’ve collected a Pinterest board of ideas for Emily to look at and I imagine we’ll start that this month sometime.


I got to go home to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving and we ate a lot of kolaches and pie like the Czechs we are.


Happy holiday season, everyone!

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