Oh My Heart

14 Aug

Well…how’s YOUR quarantine going? I’ve been hanging out in Traylor Swift, watching a lot of movies with my quarantine buddy Shawnee, getting some work done, and mostly trying not to go stir crazy. It’s not so bad.

But now…the good news! My first self-produced single is out!

“Oh My Heart” is on:

Apple Music
…and all those other things.

I’ve been plugging away in Traylor Swift on Logic Pro, which I am learning daily…is an incredible recording program. Every session I have to Google how to do 8 things, but I learn them, and apply them, and carry on. So…I made this song, from scratch, here in South Austin last month. 

I played every instrument on the track (!!!!!). This is the first time I have attempted something like that, and the fire it lit. It’s a joy to mess around with literally thousands of options and find the ones that work…that’s why this song has French horns and cellos on it. 

My friend Noëlle Hampton of The Belle Sounds has been essential in helping me decide I was semi-intelligent enough to even try recording, then walking me through some steps, and she also helped me get my vocals down the best way possible. Check out her amazing work with her band – their latest singles are all made by Noelle in her music room…on Logic! 

I sent it off to a guy named Austin Moorhead in Nashville to mix and master because mixing is a whole other art form and I feel like maybe that’s a thing to learn…later. 

I also made the artwork – from a collage I made last year – because we’re all DIY on this sucker. 

So – here is “Oh My Heart,” because why not, because the world needs as many of us creating things as we can muster in these weird times. I hope you like it. I am really proud of it. 

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