One Writer’s Beginnings

18 Jan


(PS: I know I ripped off a Eudora Welty title for this blog…it’s meant to be in reverence and not plagiarism).

Slowly maybe I became a bit of a writer this year.  I mean, I’m a songwriter and a blogger so I’ve been a writer for a long time.  I wrote my first poem in kindergarten and my teacher gave me an A and that was it; I was convinced I was the next Hemingway even if I did not know who Hemingway was in kindergarten.

But when you write poems about cats and mats and then move on to songs and blogs, you’re not getting PAID to write.  I have made money on my songs via album sales and gigs, but I am not one of those fortunates who gets a check when I turn in a song somewhere.

However, this past year I’ve written several pieces of…prose?  Copy?  What is the word?  Various things arose that required some text and I am a willing supplier of text.  Susan’s last 2 bios came out of some fun word-choicing and a crazy amount of caffeine.  All the text on the Rubicon Artist Development site is also penned by moi.  Based on a few of these compositions I just got asked to write another artist bio for…somebody.  I’m not being coy, it’s just not written yet so I’m not saying who it is.  But it’s a paying writing gig.  So there we go.  I call it being a writer.

Here’s my short but sweet resume’, yo.

Susan Gibson TightRope Bio

Susan Gibson Hilarious Bio

Rubicon Artist Development Website

Havilah Rand Bio

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