onetwothreescream: Lit

13 Jul


onetwothreescream lit

It’s called Lit. It’s 6 songs of pure weird folk pop. I wrote all the songs. Mark Addison produced it into heights of folk pop perfection. We recorded my folk rap (track 6) last summer and had such a good time we just kept going. This is what happens with you give two nerds of both different and same feathers the freedom to roam about the studio.

We call it onetwothreescream because we’re equal collaborators here and it’s WAY more fun to promote a project called ONETWOTHREESCREAM! The name comes from the thought that sometimes you just need to dance it off. Sometimes you wanna scream into a pillow (have you read the news lately?) This is an EP for all of that.

Susan Gibson sings all over this – that’s her awesome “oooo” chorus on Fault Lines, for one. And she plays banjo and bouzouki on Money & Heart.

Chris Taylor did the amazing artwork. Isn’t that kind how we all feel?

Turn it up. I hope you guys like it. We certainly loved making it. If you like it a lot, please share. This is how we’ll get the word out…we’re no publicists, we’re just folk pop. (check out the site for all the links to all the stores!)

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