Out of the Bedroom

9 Mar

I played a fun show last night songswapping with Drew Kennedy.  He makes me happy because not only is he a great writer and player, but he’s a history nerd.  We get along.  I didn’t take any photos.  Apparently I need a monkey to do that for me, but I hear they eat a lot of bananas and I don’t have a lot of bananas.  Please make due with this photo I took of the poster in the bathroom, because I am on the list here.  In GOOD COMPANY.  I usually am unless I’m home alone.  I’m fortunate like that.

Phoenix Saloon List

I played 2 new songs, which is what I like to call taking them out of the bedroom.  (In my case, bedroffice, as I call it).  You can play it sooo.  Many.  Times alone in your room all happy-like, thinking “This is easy!  I know this!”  But for some reason debuting a new song in front of PEOPLE is always going to be different.  They went well, I think.  They shall continue to get out of the bedroffice.

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March 15th, 2011 at 7:04 am

Yahoo! Can’t wait to hear ’em! I will come be your monkey as my schedule allows!!! I don’t even like bananas, unless they are very, very well disguised in a smoothie or something!

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