Panic Attack

13 Jul

I unwittingly caused a ruckus from my very caring and helpful Facebook community by posting this photo and titling it “Busted Door Panel.” Which it is, exactly. We were walking through downtown Springer, NM (maybe I was trudging, I don’t know)…and I have this Hipstamatic app on my phone that makes everything look cooler. Some abandoned building had a vandalized door, and I loved how it looked.

Interesting Door

Now I see how it can be misconstrued as “we had our car door panel busted in OH NOOOO,” but did not have that thought go through my mind at all at the time. Then we drove off and lost service for a while and the next time I checked Facebook people were freaked out. It’s nice to know folks will rally.

No lesson here…other than maybe I need to be more explicit like “THIS IS ART” and “THIS IS AN EMERGENCY.” I’m planning on posting a lot more art and no emergencies, though, so there’s that.

Can you see the outline of some awesome karate kicking girl in that photo?

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August 17th, 2011 at 12:23 am

I do see the girl!

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