Projects As of Late

6 Jun

It’s been busy…and that’s a good thing. I find it kind of hard to relay all the projects happening via my usual social media postings because…well, I often just Facebook about coffee and Taylor Swift. I thought it might be cool to do a round up of stuff I have worked on or am working on lately…lots of cool people and art happening.

Susan’s Write Away Series

Aside from usual Susan adventures, we have tried to take advantage of video in new ways, and here’s the first result of that! It’s a series of songwriting tips from Susan. She wears an awesome hat. Check out the Youtube playlist. We’re releasing one every Wednesday until we don’t!

Elizabeth Wills

Elizabeth just released her amazing new record, Every Little Star. I worked on the website, and helped with the Kickstarter, and all that good stuff. You can take a listen to (and buy!) the new album here.

Cari Hutson & Good Company

I made a video for Cari’s crowdfunding campaign, and they were super successful on their Kickstarter last week. This band is amazing – I’m hooked and go to see them live when I can at their Austin residency at Strange Brew. Really excited to hear their record, because Cari’s voice is one of the best I’ve heard.



So excited to get these guys’ Kickstarter launched. SOON. Watch out world, this album is gonna wreck ya in the best way.

Bob Cheevers

Howlin’ Dog Records, of which I am 1/3 partner, just signed on to help Bob with his awesome 50 Years box set project. We’re hitting reset on his GoFundMe and excited to get this 5 disc retrospective out to the world.

Bob Livingston


Another Howlin’ Dog signee! Bob is making a new record with us and we’re going to do a crowd-funding pre-sale here shortly. One might ask, “WHY SO MUCH CROWD-FUNDING???” Well. The deal is…if you have the crowd, why not? Sell the record early, get the funds to make it, and go kick some butt. Bob is another example of one of those Texas legends with a fantastic bank of songs, and it’s cool we get to work with him on this go ’round.

Ry Taylor

Ry is a Howlin’ Dog Records artist and one of the coolest guys all around. He’s got a new album out, and we’re taking pre-orders on his website.

…and some other various random things. It’s good to be working. And vlogging. And all that stuff! I’m redesigning the Social Thinkery site to reflect more of what I do, but if you’re interested in getting some crowdfunding help, general music business consulting, video work, or whatever else you can dream and want to involve me on, drop me a line!

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