Red River Joy

1 Feb

We just got home from the 3rd Annual Texas Red’s Red River Songwriters’ Festival (yes, that is a long title) in Red River, NM. We were lucky to be included on the first go around in 2011, and now in year three it’s a growing festival and one of the best times of the year! Except for the trip through the town of Vaughn, NM (see cool cafe sign photo above) when the whole town had no water and the next bathroom stop was 100 miles away I kid you not. That was hard. The rest was great.

Thanks to Brandy for the photo which I stole.

I played a set during the festival (and rapped) which was super fun, and I also handled the merch table for the big shows at the Motherlode. This kept me busy and I didn’t take a lot of photos this trip…which was actually ok by me. I’ve read that taking photos can take you out of the moment, so I had a good time just watching and listening and not picking a filter.

(I DID immediately go back to instagramming my breakfast like all good geeks do, but it was nice to chill out for a weekend).

I did grab a photo of the the wonderful Brandy Zdan playing her set at the Lost Love. She has a new album of instrumentals coming out on Valentine’s Day. Listen to one here.

Also she made handkerchiefs with her name on them, which we immediately renamed “Zdankerchiefs.” You can make cool merch from anything if you’re creative enough!

Here’s Walt Wilkins and Little Brave soundchecking at the Motherlode.

Tickets aren’t on sale yet for next year (give us some recoup time) but check out and Like us on Facebook (TM) and be ready to click the ticket link when you can…it’s a magical festival and you need to come!

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