Red River Songwriter Winterfest

5 Mar

This weekend we were in beautiful Red River, NM for the first annual Red River Songwriter Winterfest. First annual festivals, as Susan has told me, are always a crapshoot. They’re expensive to put on and if they haven’t happened before, there’s no telling how many people will come.

Luckily, this one turned out to be fantastic. It was a weekend of music from Suz, Drew Kennedy, Josh Grider, Kelley Mickwee, Mike Addington, Rick Fowler, and Brandy Zdan. Some of them I knew, some of them I didn’t, all were excellent.

Susan Gibson and Snow
Best photo evaaarrr!

Drew Kennedy and Susan Gibson

Kelley Mickwee and Brandy Zdan
Kelley and Brandy

Breakfast Burrito - Christmas
My chile fix was had.

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