Road Food and Beverage Redux

12 Jul

I’ve posted on this topic before, but hey. You drive, you play, you eat…ideally, anyway. (We always do, we are lucky). Anyway, food and beverage is of big concern when you sit in a car a lot for whatever reason.

I am trying to kick the Diet Coke habit once and for all – the soda habit in general, really. This is hard, because I have been drinking it for years for it’s no calorie attributes. However, now my mind is more focused on beverages with “no poison” attributes as well, so goodbye aspartame and sodium benzoate. I have read my last article about how DC will kill me.

I started on the 1st, and I’m on day 12 now…so far so good. It’s more of a habit thing than a caffeine thing, because I am still drinking copious amounts of caffeine through coffee and tea. Round about 2 PM I am pretty sure I absolutely NEED the lovely fizzy bubbles only a Coca-Cola product can offer, and I can’t drink coffee because it’s HOT and oddly enough NOT EVERYWHERE HAS ICED TEA AAAAH! And I feel stuck, because I don’t want plain water, I want FIZZ! Or flavor! Or flavor AND fizz!

Buying Water in Taos - Frou Frou

Luckily Susan is a road champ and we stopped at the frou frou grocery store in Taos and stocked up on a ton of various beverages that provide either fizz or flavor or both an don’t contain poison. Imagine that. We looked like we were stocking up for a very dry, very yuppie nuclear winter.

While we are trying to eat healthy and not in excess on the road, I make an exception for New Mexico. In fact I make a demand for New Mexico…if we’re in a 20 mile radius of a breakfast burrito, that’s what’s happening. The Taos Diner is our breakfast home and they did not disappoint this time. That’s red AND green.

Breakfast Burrito

Suz went a little healthier and ate tiny little…strawberry-blueberry people? Yum. Look, I’m turning into a food blog. Stop me now.

Breakfast in Taos

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July 12th, 2011 at 6:07 pm

Dry Yuppie Nuclear Winter is a good band name. It may be a little weird, and I don’t know if you like stevia, but last week I put a couple drops of stevia and some lemon juice in my Topo Chico, and that was no calorie, fizzy, and flavored. I liked it. 🙂



July 12th, 2011 at 6:37 pm

mmm gonna try that!!! topo is amazing.

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