Round Up of Rad Stuff

15 Jun

I took this in Ganado, TX.

These days, our lives are one big stream of links and memes to look at, and while I have many cool things I want to share with friends, sometimes social media is (oddly) not the place to do it. Engagement, click-throughs, algorithms, post counts…things that make links on Facebook either unseen or ignored. Sigh.

I’ve decided to do a weekly (or so) round up of things I like, am working on, reading, whatever. All the cool bloggers do it and I desperately want to be in the cool bloggers club. (Fast forward to 10 years from now when some kid walks up to me and says, “So you remember when blogging was cool?” Ouch).

Carry On.

Projects I am Invested In.

– My friend Bill Small is doing a Kickstarter for his brand new record and my Social Thinkery is on the case. Why? Because Bill is amazing as a writer, musician, and human. He’s a Mystiquero, too, and you can’t but help love a Mystiquero. Consider getting in on this one.

– My OTHER friend (I have 2) D.C. Bloom is on the tail end of his Kickstarter campaign for his new record, “The Rest is Commentary.” I had a great time helping him film his video. He wins for cutest dog cameo ever, just see. Also, he’s one of the wittiest writers I know, and it transfers to his songwriting with ease. Get a Zeffy Bobblehead before they’re being sold on Ebay for $5000.

Good Reads.

I read a LOT of articles, y’all. I try to read books but I half-finish most of them. Articles are easy to get through on a car ride or in a bout of insomnia. Good ones this week:

Miss American Dream: How Britney Spears went to Vegas and became a feminist role model. No, really. – I have a weird fascination with Las Vegas, and we all know I love pop music. This article is well-written on both fronts, addressing Vegas entertainment history and letting us in on a little Britney.

How the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Came to Dominate 90’s Culture – I am key demographic fodder for this article…the TMNT came out when I was in grade school and I still pride myself on my original action figure collection of all 4 turtles. Leonardo was my favorite for a long time but then I decided the rebellious moody nature of Raphael was more my jam.

Awesome Music.

The Best of You: Susan Gibson – another thing that hits close to home. Susan recorded a great track and all proceeds from the download of this (you can stream or download for free but you can also pay what you want) go to a cancer charity. Last week we donated about $600 to Cancer Care Services of Fort Worth. Susan will pick a new recipient while we grow the donation pot again. Go listen and give.

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