Shawn Colvin Is A Boss (Nov Blog 20/30)

20 Nov

What an incredible show by @shawn_colvin tonight! And getting to see @meadowsdrums do his thang was a joy. Thanks for coming home to Austin and playing for us. ❤️

I had the pleasure of witnessing Shawn Colvin play through her entire “A Few Small Repairs” album on Monday night. It’s the 20th anniversary of the album coming out, and also the first time she’s toured with a band in 20 years. It all came together incredibly at The Paramount in Austin, on the last night of her tour. Every song on that album is gold, it is perfectly sequenced, it takes you on a journey. It still sounds fresh after 20 years, the hallmark of a great record. Not all of them manage to do that…most don’t.

I highly recommend a re-listen if you haven’t in a while (or a listen if you never have)…

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