Snowy Range Music Festival

3 Sep

Macy Gray

We had a great time at the Snowy Range Music Festival in Laramie this weekend…we got there a day early to see Macy Gray (Susan noted that a good Macy cover band should be called the Gracy Mays). I really only knew Macy from her big 1999 album and the song “I Try”…and her hair. She put on a great live show and though it started 1.5 hours late because of some rain, it was worth the standing around. even the wind whipping her feather boa in her face a few times didn’t phase her. Pro.

Snowy Range Music Festival

On Sunday, Susan played a great set in the afternoon. Shout out to our friends from Centennial, WY…they make me happy every time we see them!

Susan Gibson

Then it was off to Drake, CO and now Fort Collins. We have one week left on this tour…for being 5 weeks long it really has gone pretty fast. Weird, but awesome. Southbound!

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