Social Thinkery + The Bugle Boy

5 Feb

Because I want an owl timer here, that’s why.

I’ve been blogging less due to the fortunate circumstance of getting some ducks in a row regarding some new ventures 2013 has brought my way.

The first is my new consulting service called Social Thinkery. (The Facebook Page is here!) You can read the website but basically, I like talking about social media, touring, and booking for independent musicians. I could just talk to myself about it, but that gets old. I decided to make it official and talk to others about it. Sometimes it’s just good to bounce ideas off someone, or have a plan and a person to be accountable to for the work that needs to be done. This is what folks can find at the Thinkery, which I think sounds British, which therefore makes it fancy.

Bugle Boy

I’ve also signed on to book for the Bugle Boy in La Grange, TX, a little over an hour from Austin and one of the best listening rooms in the country. Some fine folks run that place and I am honored that I was asked to help out. Booking a venue is a whole other beast from booking an artist and routing a tour. For one thing, there is no routing because buildings don’t move. I like that. It’s been a joy to research artists and go through lists of past performers there. It’s the perfect job for a folk music junkie!

There’s more good stuff on the horizon which I will talk about later…like in an hour…when the owl hoots.

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