Songwriting Challenge

28 Sep

I’ve often heard of these things where you make a pact with yourself and join a bunch of people and write so many songs in a certain amount of time. There are song-a-day challenges (GAH!) and album-in-a-month challenges and so forth. My friends Dan, Roland, and Emily are doing a song-a-week challenge and I’m lucky enough to be in the group. Someone puts out an idea each Monday, and by Sunday we all have to email the results to each other. We are in week 3 and I have turned in 2 songs…week 2 just did not happen, but I’m planning to finish it anyway to satisfy my OCD.

This was week 3 – I threw out the term “plus and minus” and here we are. I’ve already got ideas for changing it, but I like where it’s going. I had to Google this:

Here you go…

Check out my friends!

Daniel Barrett

Roland Garcia

Emily Shirley

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