Stream of Consciousness: Booking

16 Jun

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that is so crazy that this venue has not immediately called or emailed me back to say “hell yes” and “let’s book this” and “let’s get crazy on the promo!” i mean, i was cordial if not overly exclamatory in my initial email. i like to use exclamation points! they prove i am a friendly and honest person! so it wasn’t that they think i’m a jerk booking agent. it’s not that they don’t like the music. EVERYONE likes the music. if you are an american you like this music I am booking. maybe the email is still circling in orbit – where do emails go? it has to go through my gmail to the domain email i work from to their email…maybe they filter their domain email through yahoo? or god forbid, HOTMAIL? maybe that email is having a tough time crossing over into the fourth e-ring and is just hanging out in e-limbo before it crosses over into the bowels of hotmail. maybe that’s why i haven’t heard back. but it’s been 6 days!!! six whole days! that is like…7 days less than it took for the whole Cuban missile crisis to shake out and I am pretty sure what i am trying to make happen here is not Soviet rocket science. i wonder how long it took Kennedy to get a message to his secretary of defense. they didn’t even have a fax machine. maybe they used an Enigma machine. or maybe that was German. maybe i should check my spam folder. oh. there is a reply from 2.5 days ago. i’ve lost 2.5 days! i hope they don’t think i’m not interested! i’m cordial and honest! please email me back again. when are they going to reply to my reply?

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June 17th, 2011 at 12:18 am

I’m still voting for “Check Your Spam Folder” T-shirts! 🙂

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