Summer Approaches

27 May

Oh hi, it’s been a minute. I have been the opposite of lazy but that’s no excuse because I am a BLOGGER and bloggers must BLOG.

I’m in full summer tour planning mode for Susan. We are headed up to Montana in July and August because it is going to be so unbearably hot anywhere South of Wyoming, in my guesstimation. I’m glad Susan figured out early that North is the place to go. We will be hitting up some of our usual places in Colorado and Wyoming and Montana, but also heading east to Washington and Oregon. This is great but I am having an issue called The Rocky Mountains.

Rearview Mountain

They’re gorgeous and big and you can’t really go THROUGH them, you must go around them. This makes sensical routing harder. But I will do it. We have to get from Portland, OR to Alamosa, CO in one week. It will happen.

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