20 Jun

A cool thing that’s happening is that I book for both Susan Gibson and Elizabeth Wills, both fantastic songwriters with impressive careers. The really cool thing is that they have been friends for about 20 years, and they are finally getting to play some shows together. They’ve had a chance to work things up to where it’s not just both of them onstage at the same time, but they play and sing on each other’s tunes and it’s a true collaborative show.

Susan Gibson and Elizabeth Wills

Their show at Poor David’s Pub on Friday night was their 4th together, and it really showed that they had come into a confidence and ease with each other’s music. They have fairly different styles but they work well together, like…like…PB+J? Sonny+Cher? Dolce+Gabana? Yes. Like Dolce+Gabana.

They have one more booked this year at The Bugle Boy on September 14th, but these duo shows will remain few and far between by design. They’re special events and part of that is keeping them scarce. So what I’m saying is…get thine tickets right when they go on sale!

Now to have a frank talk with them about coordinating their outfits. It’s about time. I’m thinking orange sparkly jumpsuits.

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