Sweden Sightseeing!

10 Dec

We’ve had great shows and met great people, but I am super glad we’ve had some time to stop and see some cool landmarks on this Sweden tour! Aside from the generally stunning vistas we see daily, here are some highlights.

Me and the Baltic Sea in Norrtälje

This runestone lives on a hill near some farms outside Kristinehamn. It’s from about 600 A.D. and is one of 4 in the area. No national park, no fence, just walk up and say hello to something that’s 1400 years old.


Kristinehamn is also home to a Picasso sculpture on the shore of Lake Vänern…it’s tall.


The lake itself is pretty stunning.

We hit a gorgeous day on the lake…most days have been pretty gray and rainy. The nice Swedes keep apologizing for the dark and cold, but I don’t really mind, knowing that it’s an unseasonable 80 in Austin right now. I’ll take the winter for a little bit.

Up next…a manor called Baldersnäs Herrgård!

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