Sweden Update: Åmål and Karlstad

17 Dec

We had a good 3 day stand in Åmål and got to wander around the town a bit. It was a cute downtown area and I had my first real experience with what I call “glitter frost,” where the humidity would freeze all over everything and just sparkle. Kind of awesome.

Our last day there was Santa Lucia Day, which is a holiday and Swedes eat a lot of these saffron roll things for the occasion. When in Rome…eat the saffron roll.

Photo Dec 11, 12 29 17 PM

Our hotel for the weekend…nice spot to land.


But hell if I knew exactly what to do in an elevator emergency.


Then it was off to the last gig in Karlstad, hosted by Burt Deivert, an American blues mandolin player who has lived in Sweden for a long time. He and his wife Eva were wonderful hosts and it was the perfect way to end our trip! Afterward he let me play his sweet old Gibson guitar, and I looked very serious doing it.


Burt and Eva’s whole backyard was covered in that “glitter frost”…amazing scenery.


Then we said goodbye to Sofie and Susan and I headed into Stockholm for a day of touristing before the flight home…

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