SXSW 2015 Day 5

21 Mar

Apparently I had to take a bit of a break to work up the energy to blog the last day of SXSW, but I am a completist so no fear, fellow completists.

Day 5 had downtown Austin threatening rain but mostly just a lot of humidity. The routine is to park, walk across the river, stop at the Radisson for coffee, and rule the world. The last day was no different, and my SXSW buddy Chad and I met for one last Starbucks chat.

First panel up was L+3: Social TV Matters. Panelists were from Tumblr, Comedy Central, and NBC Late Night. L+3 is TV industry lingo for “Live Plus 3 Days,” meaning TV viewership is not measured by people watching the shows, it’s measured by who sees the ads. So watching a show within 3 days of airing (say you recorded it for later) still gives the ads their impact. Anything after that and the advertising is viewed as ineffective. Social media has obviously changed how people interact during shows, and things like Tumblr, where TV can live and GIFed for eternity, change this a bit to an L+365 equation. Fans become content creators, and shows are learning to re-purpose that UGC (user generated content!) to promote the show. Metrics are now long term instead of 3 days out. Comedy Central’s main platform is Tumblr now. Fascinating stuff.

Up next: New Ways for Artists to Make Money. Panelists were from Pandora and Jukely, a concert streaming subscription service. Basically…artists need to put aside that whole “streaming pays not much” thing and find things that actually generate revenue. I tend to agree. At some point, even if you think it’s not cool, you have to accept what the standard is and MAKE SOME LEMONADE. Do things like sell unique items in your store, embrace online shows, all of that stuff. There is money in music, and the smart artists will tap their community the right way so it’s an even exchange.

Lastly, we gathered in the giant Exhibit Hall 5 where the put the Big Deals and Pete Cashmore from Mashable was supposed to talk about “What’s Next in Tech?” except he most talked about…Mashable. At that point I was donezo and left happy but full of buzzwords. We all probably now have a “multiplatform content marketing tool that accesses communities and leverages big data to foster authenticity and actionable insights.” Yep.

A quote-fest is coming up next…stay tuned!

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