SXSW Recap: Day 3

13 Mar

Day 3 of SXSW Interactive. They (and by “they” I mean…my friend Chad and I) call it “the Sunday Slump.” You’ve been conference-ing for 48 hours and the tiredness is settling in. You start making bad choices, like “I can totally get something out of this robotics panel even if it is way over my head.” Things like that. Mine started on a great note, however.

Mindy Kaling was in the house to talk about her development as a writer and actress and director behind “The Mindy Project,” which I watch and enjoy. She was a writer and actress on “The Office” at the tender age of 24, so she’s been at this a while. When asked what her key to success was, Mindy attributed it to the work ethic instilled by her parents and her “single, crazy, Richard Nixon-like focus.” I also enjoyed her point that when a lot of people in L.A. are out and about at parties and “networking” to get jobs, she was always the one at home in her PJs…writing. It makes an introvert like me have hope.

I enjoyed Mindy’s talk and wasn’t feeling the next available panel option so I wandered to her smaller discussion session at The Roku Lounge, where you sit and they try to sell you Roku products. Mindy extrapolated on some of her earlier points and was all around cool.

Then it was on to Movie Marketing from some studio bigwigs in digital media. I found some crossover from movies to music, and interestingly a lot digital media marketing is focused on micro-niche markets, not wide swaths of people. Less newspapers, more Tweets and interaction.

I got shut out of a “37 ways to write and speak better” panel (which, WHATEVER, I HAS SPEAK) so I found myself in a talk with Randi Zuckerberg (of the Zuckerbergs of Facebookshire) and Dana Brunetti, producer of a lot of things, like House of Cards and Captain Phillips and um, a lot of things I haven’t seen. It was interesting and I took some notes but nothing mind-blowing. A little about streaming series, a little about fan communities. There we have it. Can you tell I was hitting a wall?

Because of said wall, I just stayed in the room I was in to hear Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit. He talked mostly about an app called Secret, where people post things anonymously. This is mildly interesting because most ALL OF THE INTERNET is about here’s what I’m posting and here’s my brand and my name and let me sign in to this so I’m verified…and we are all hiding a little or a lot. It’s like a pressure valve app if you just want to spew something to the world without consequence.

I am now officially behind in my recapping so…Day 3 is done! On to the next.

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