Tejas Time

23 Sep

The blog is slow because for the first week home I only attended to the things that directly fed or clothed or bathed me, like…the shower, and the grocery store, and my usual office worky stuff.

Then last week I spent a lot of time defining some goals because good grief I turn one of those decade birthdays in November and if you’re not looking it can really freak you out. Three oh.

Owen Temple
Hey, Owen!

In the meantime I’ve gotten to see and play with some great folks, like Owen Temple and Havilah Rand.

Terri and Jana

I also got to be a spectator and see Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines and Glenn Fukunaga play a house concert (Rawhide Trail, it’s a great series by some good friends). Glorious. Isn’t Terri’s hair cute? Yes it is.

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