The Daily Practice

10 May

Greetings from rainy Austin. I love saying that because last summer I thought perhaps I might just lay down on the boiling hot asphalt and wait for the elements to make me into jerky, it was that hot. It will probably get that hot again, but for right now it’s cloudy and threatening to rain and keep raining. As Maria Bamford (see how I just tied the last post in? Ooo) says, “Celebrity moods control the weather.” The weather controls some of my mood…ergo, celebrities control my mood. Suddenly I feel a lot less stable knowing my day is dependent on Jessica Simpson. I take it all back! I just like the rain.

I’m quiet here right now because I’m juggling a lot of things…booking, studio management, a little publicity, trying to play guitar more in my extra hours. It’s all good stuff, although I have just begun implementing The Daily Practice (thought up by one of my favorite bloggers, James Altucher) so that I have scheduled writing time and music time and work time. I also have drink water and eradicate crappy people from my life on the list (I don’t have a lot of crappy people in my life now but the point is to keep watch!).

I’m on day 2 of The Daily Practice. This is replacing my wayward goal of that “Experiment a Month” thing because that lasted a whole two months and then I started traveling a bunch and the only experiment there is to just keep going until you stop and sleep. I’ll report back on TDP in a week or so…pretty excited!

In the meantime, this weekend in Corpus Christi I ate some limes off a real live lime tree. Check something else off the list of “Things I Hadn’t Done And Didn’t Know I Wanted To Until I Did Them.”

Fresh Limes!

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