The New Year Can Begin Now

16 Jan

It always takes me a week or so to really feel like it’s the new year. I guess I am a slow poke in that regard, and I always internally cringe at the “new year new you!” advertising that comes at us from all directions. BUT…I am a sucker for a new year, I really am. I like the self-imposed idea of a blank slate, as long as it’s not mentally crushing me.

It’s been a busy one thus far! I’ve been stalking Elizabeth Wills over at Congress House Studio while she tracks her amazing-sounding album with Mark Hallman producing. It’s going to be stellar. I’ve never heard another voice like E-Dub’s and the songs are aces.


I just started teaching my next round of classes at Girl Guitar this week…what a fantastic group of people. We’re going to have a lot of fun this semester, I can tell. Check out the website for the next round of offerings when they are posted!

And next big thing coming up – I’m honored to play in Kiya Heartwood‘s band along with Anna Harris for Kiya’s CD release. Her new album Palo Duro is just stunning. And I’m playing electric. Watch out, world. January 23 in Austin!


A little ambient swell practice with the volume pedal on Kiya’s lovely song:

A video posted by Jana Pochop (@janapochop) on

So those are a few of items on the Busy List. My list also includes keeping Susan Gibson busy (she’s booking workshops and coaching sessions too as well as gigs! for info!)

And…a renewed spirit for writing songs has come around, because new years will do that to a brain. Let’s see what this new batch will bring. Wish me luck. I wish you luck. Happy New Year!

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Mona Harvey

January 16th, 2016 at 9:26 pm

Psst, Jana, tdl item ” presidential campaign.” Or did I miss an announcement endorsing one of the other far less superior candidates?

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