The Olde South

25 Apr

We stayed with some folks in Winnsboro…after we woke up after our all night drive, we crashed their lovely home and yard filled with azaleas and other floral wonders in full bloom. Winnsboro is an old town…old enough to, according to the locals, have been pretty much burned down during General Sherman’s March to the Sea. Legend has it that Sherman was a history buff, though, so he left certain landmarks standing like the Winnsboro Clock Tower. My pamphlet from the Chamber of Commerce tells me it is the “oldest continuously running clock tower in the U.S.” There you go.

Winnsboro Clock Tower

Our good friend Michael Hearne had played there a few days prior and his family lives in Winnsboro, so he stayed around to play with Susan. It was lovely.

Winnsboro, SC

We had a short drive to Savannah so we lollygagged (I love that word) around Winnsboro for a bit and met Esther the church organist who had to be in her 70’s and was playing every day that week for Holy Week (I think she called it “Holy Moly Week”) and multiple services on Easter and Good Friday. Then we decided to eat lunch at a picnic table, where Susan met her new friend Bee-uford. He would not leave her alone, and even followed us to the car. I was scared he would hop in and be transported to Savannah, which doesn’t seem like a good idea for a bee. But he decided to let her go…he is probably still buzzing around Winnsboro looking for his friend that smells like grapes.

A Bee and a Grape

Then it was onward to Savannah…

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