Things To Learn (Nov Blog 4/30)

4 Nov


I really do like to learn…I am always up for a skim of a bevy of internet articles to say “I know a little about…” whatever it is I am trying to sound educated about. It’s a throwback to my history degree, where in the culmination of our Historiography class project our professor would not let us use The Google as a source (we had to use books and journals and stuff), and now my backlash means I ALWAYS use the Google. (But check your sources 8 times, people).

Deep learning takes a lot longer, obviously. In a life where it seems hard enough to keep up with things like learning new songs, teaching new classes, keeping tabs on the newest in social media trend, and a general scan of our political landscape every day…deep learning gets shoved aside.

I probably won’t jump into any of these tomorrow, but it’s nice to have the list. I probably won’t EVER try to skateboard but maybe I could get a giant padded suit and give it a try. It’s always looked fun. French…well, let’s say the Duolingo app gave up on ME before I gave up on it.

It’s good to dabble, but it might be time for a deep learning project in 2018. Maybe.

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