Throw You Forward

25 May

This week I got to spend an afternoon with Dan over at Rubicon Artist Development making an acoustic demo of one of my newer songs. I’m really proud of this love song that doesn’t mention the word “love” at all…that’s how I roll. I also think people should cover it…Susan Gibson and Elizabeth Wills did an amazing version at the Cactus last fall, and my friend Rena Wren in Arkansas is learning it, too. The more the merrier!

I demoed it so I could send it places. Which places to send it to…that is still the question. I’ve been researching pitching songs and how to get things placed with artists. It’s a new world to me but it’s fun to research (my inner history nerd declares) and who knows? Something might happen. I did find a site taking submissions for album projects by Nicole Scherzinger and Naya Rivera, so I sent it in…because pop music, heeeey!  You gotta start somewhere.  Naya is one of my favorite performers on Glee, so she should definitely cut this song. If she did, she would move up the ranks to be my all time favorite singer on Glee, I am pretty sure.  I’m positive that’s high on her list of things to achieve.

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