To Nashville, I Say!

28 Nov

Bluebird Cafe in Nashville
This is from the last time I was there.
I will post an identical photo after the show there Wednesday, I’m sure.
Maybe even the same people will be standing outside.

Happy late Thanksgiving, folks. I spent it in Albuquerque, wearing 4 layers of clothing and sandals because I roll like that.

My friend Amy: “You know you’re a hipster, right?”
Me: “I think I’m a hipster because I layer well.”

Anyway, tomorrow morning at 7 AM I’ll be on a plane to Nashville with the inimitable SusanG. She is going there to write and play at the legendary Bluebird Cafe. (Side note: Susan, one of my favorite writers, is actually writing with a couple of my OTHER favorite writers, so my head might explode with their genius words!) It’s her gig, and she gets to pick who else plays. I got picked! I am pretty excited…since everyone who is ANYONE in country music has played this room, it will be fun…in an epic way. But fun.

Other than that I plan to squat at my favorite coffee houses and wander the cool parts of town. I can office from anywhere, thanks to laptops and wifi.  Maybe Martina McBride will walk by and I’ll do absolutely nothing except stare!

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