Tori Amos: A Color Chart (Nov Blog 17/30)

17 Nov


I have been a huge Tori Amos fan since 2003 in college, when my friend Laura got upgraded to front row seats and took me along and I got to witness the Scarlet’s Walk album tour RIGHT UP FRONT. It was incredible. I have since seen Tori in several formats…solo at SXSW, with a string quartet at Bass Hall…and every time she is a consummate pro.

This time it was at the ACL Moody Theater, and Tori was solo with her grand piano and keyboards, entertaining us with song after song of awesomeness. Today’s blog is just a group of colors that pop up in my brain when I listen. Her music is a lovely mixture of ethereal floating fairy and grounded, organic, earth. I know, I sound like a weirdo. I’m just a big Tori fan.

As always, @toriamos was incredible. Every time I see her...incredible.

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