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14 Feb

…is how my brain is operating at the moment.  It’s Monday, February 14th.  First, let’s all say a big Huzzah because The Boss’s new album, TightRope, is officially out in the world today.


Thank you.  Today is the final day to get everything done, loaded, packed, mailed, packaged, printed, stapled, filed, or whatever for the week because we are going to the Folk Alliance conference in Memphis.  We leave tonight and drive to Fort Worth, then Little Rock for a gig, then Memphis.  Then we go to Baton Rouge and then Lake Charles and then home.  That’s the next 7 days.

Folk Alliance is the networking champ of conferences for musicians.  Accountants and engineers and political scientists have conferences, and so do folk musicians.  The Boss has an official showcase there (HUZZAH!) so we have 3 days on the ground to meet people, show them what she’s got (everyone will love her), and hopefully work enough to turn it into some booking opportunities.  And also spread the new record around.

Gangsta Merch

This is how I plan to advertise.  Whut?

I lie – it is not our last chance for all those things, because we plan to take a mobile post office so we can mail CD orders from wherever we are.  And I will be working on taxes while we drive.  I feel like I am allowed one sentence dripping with sarcasm in this blog post: I love working on taxes.  Ok. I’m done.  I’ll spin it into something fun, like make the spreadsheet light up and play music.

So anyway, today I have to stop in at the music school since I am ditching them for the week, and drop some TightRopes off at Waterloo Records, because this album is all about the independent record stores.  I’m probably also going to browse.  I love Waterloo.

Onward to Memphis, for one week…it is home of the Blues AND the Folk.

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February 15th, 2011 at 3:18 am

whoo hoo! Congrats on the release! Have fun at Folk Alliance!! Wish I could be there, but I get to see you soon after! Yippee! 🙂

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