Vlog No. 3…What Makes A Fan?

8 Feb

A topical Vlog this week…I am a diehard kinda fan for VERY SPECIFIC things and musicians. I’m not the catch all “live music fan” (but DANG I am glad those troopers exist…they are warrior fans on another level). I’m not a sucker for every folk singer, or pop song…but when I latch on, I latch on hard.

This vlog talks music mostly, but fandoms can spring from anything. I made it a point to hunt down (and drag my very kind travel companions) and try Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants in both Las Vegas and London Heathrow when I was passing through. I will probably try to hit every Ramsay restaurant I can as I travel. WHY. I DON’T TOTALLY KNOW…except I think he delivers excellence. And Mary Chapin Carpenter delivers excellence. And Gaga nails it every time. For me…maybe not for you. And that’s ok, too.

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