We Remembered

13 Feb

Dan Barrett, Rubicon guru and my folk music grad school mentor – told me something cool the other week.  He said he has practiced remembering good outcomes of things that haven’t happened yet.  Somehow this kind of…makes them happen.

I told The Boss about it and we did it for the first time in Albuquerque.  She said, “Remember how this was our best Albuquerque gig ever and there were so many people there?”  I replied, “I remember when they had to pull out extra chairs to seat everybody.”  I immediately became a believer when they had to bring in extra chairs during my set.  Whoa.

So we did it again for this weekend’s CD release shows in Austin and Dallas…both at venerable venues.  We remembered how everything went smoothly and easily and how full the rooms were.

Susan Gibson and Gabe Rhodes

Cactus Cafe – Austin

Turns out everything went really smoothly and the rooms were indeed…very full.

Susan Gibson Band

Poor David’s Pub – Dallas

Now, Dan’s point of the remembering process is not to change the space-time continuum.  He theorizes that by remembering an outcome and working backwards, you are able to do things to make that outcome happen easier.  It’s like goal planning on steroids, because you do some extra work on the outcome before you ever plan your steps.  One of Dan’s Rubicon students, a revered blogger and motivational writer named Joe Vitale, blogged about Dan’s remembering process, too.  This thing has legs.  Try it.

All I know is, I’m remembering how awesome and fun Folk Alliance was in 2011, and how I fit in a ton of blog posts over the week while we were gone.

To Memphis.

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