Weekend Activity Chart (Nov Blog 12/30)

12 Nov


This is pretty self-explanatory, but…it was a grand weekend of driving to Dallas for the gig, hanging out with friends and sleeping in their comfy guest bed (thanks Amy&Cheryl!), driving to La Grange, Susan‘s awesome show at The Bugle Boy, and the drive home.

The whole way? The new T-Swift. I told you, I was nervous, and very wary of this new album creature entering my life. 15 new songs, most of which I knew nothing about.

GUESS WHAT. It’s an awesome album. Start to finish, a grounded piece of work, an exciting batch of synth pop, smart words and twists of phrase, heart-thumping bass. A winner in my book. You can’t stream it yet but go BUY IT and listen in order, but pay attention to “Delicate,” “Getaway Car,” and “New Year’s Day” for starters.

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