What Do You DO? (Nov Blog 5/30)

5 Nov

I get this question a lot, and then I stutter and stumble on the answer because

a) it’s a long, complicated answer
b) it varies by week/month

so then I figure people think I sell drugs and am just being coy about it.*

*I do not sell drugs.

Here’s what I do! I’ve been livin’ the freelance 1099 life since 2008 when I quit my job as an admin at the 4H department with Travis County. I took my One Year County Coffee Mug (TM) and got out of there. The cycle is real…lots of work, work gets done, freak out about work, work comes, lots of work, work gets done, repeat. It’s still stressful but time and time again I have learned that worry doesn’t help and it always works out. (Note to self: read this next month when it’s slow).

Here’s a general chart of what I do, on any given week, and I left some random stuff off (*not drugs) to keep it fairly neat and tidy For instance, sometimes I flip stuff on Ebay, but that’s not reliable, that’s just fun.


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